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BLK OPS / Cave Bastard



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BLK OPS formed from the magma of the Austin, TX, metal scene in late 2015, with Champ Morgan (ex-Kill The Client) on vocals, noise, and theremin, Mark Key on guitars and backing vocals, and Neil Barrett on drums, samples, and live visuals. They forge a path to a terrifying, new sonic landscape drawing from noise metal, doom, grind, and otherworldly audiovisual hallucinations. And from beneath the slabs of the subterranean suburbs of San Diego, CA, emerges society's scum: Cave Bastard. LP includes digital download.
Track Listing :
  1. BLK OPS - Hallucinogenic Bomb Vest
  2. BLK OPS - The Temple Of My Own Power
  3. BLK OPS - Truth Fuckery
  4. BLK OPS - Suicide-Laced Sugar Cubes
  5. Cave Bastard - Vatos Ciegos
  6. Cave Bastard - Hobocide
  7. Cave Bastard - Violent Perpetuator
  8. Cave Bastard - Red Star

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