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Head Cage


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After six long, harsh years of absence, the mighty Pig Destroyer has reassembled to eradicate eardrums and split skulls with their highly anticipated sixth full-length opus entitled "Head Cage" (named after a grisly medieval torture device). A visceral vortex of animalistic rage and extreme sonic brilliance, "Head Cage" is a true work of extreme metal art, that with the addition of a bass player, is hands down their most dynamic and heaviest recording to date. Musically, the band continues to push the boundaries of metal, grindcore, noise, and punk, ramping up the intensity and leaving you bludgeoned in a state of utter shock, all in less than 33 minutes. Vinyl version includes digital download.
Track Listing :
  1. Tunnel Under The Tracks
  2. Dark Train
  3. Army Of Cops
  4. Circle River
  5. The Torture Fields
  6. Terminal Itch
  7. Concrete Beast
  8. The Adventures Of Jason And Jr
  9. Mt. Skull
  10. Trap Door Man
  11. The Last Song
  12. House Of Snakes

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