•  Welcome To The Neighbourhood
Boston Manor

Welcome To The Neighbourhood

LP (Color Vinyl)

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From the moment the title track kicks off "Welcome To The Neighbourhood," Boston Manor's second full-length, it's clear that the Blackpool, UK-based five-piece are not quite the same band they were before. That doesn't mean they're leaving their past behind, though. Rather, they're building on the sound of 2016's debut full-length, "Be Nothing," as well as "Saudade," their EP from the previous year, to understand and transition into who they are in 2018. LP includes download card.
Track Listing :
  1. Welcome To The Neighbourhood
  2. Flowers In Your Dustbin
  3. Halo
  4. England's Dreaming
  5. Funeral Party
  6. Digital Ghost
  7. Tunnel Vision
  8. Bad Machine
  9. If I Can't Have It, No One Can
  10. Hate You
  11. FY1
  12. Stick Up
  13. The Day That I Ruined Your Life

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