•  Among The Ghosts

Among The Ghosts


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Having expertly walked the line between country and punk rock since the '90s, Lucero is back to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band with their first album in three years, "Among The Ghosts." The Memphis, TN-based five piece is getting back to basics on this record; you won't find many horns, mostly just their characteristic fuzzy guitars and Ben Nichols' rugged lead vocals. The new record is Lucero at their best: punk-country with a flair for the anthemic that brings Springsteen to mind; it will delight their cult following while appealing to a broader audience. LP includes digital download.
Track Listing :
  1. Among The Ghosts
  2. Bottom Of The Sea
  3. Everything Has Changed
  4. Always Been You
  5. Cover Me
  6. To My Dearest Wife
  7. Long Way Back Home
  8. Loving
  9. Back To The Night
  10. For The Lonely Ones

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