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Peace And Love


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Since their 2011 comeback album, street-punk mainstays Swingin' Utters have been on a tear -- releasing two more albums, a career-spanning greatest hits album, and relentless touring -- building on their hallmark aesthetic of classic street punk, with a wide array of folk, country, garage rock, and even honky-tonk embellishments. Once again, Johnny, Darius, and Jack have collaborated to put together 15 songs that are as catchy as they are cohesive. With the addition of Luke Ray (Cobra Skulls) and Tony Teixeira (Cobra Skulls, Western Addicition), Swingin' Utters have taken on a whole new life while maintaining that classic Utters sound that has placed them in a league of their own for three decades. Vinyl version includes digital download.
Track Listing :
  1. Undertaker, Undertake
  2. Sirens
  3. Louise And Her Spider
  4. E.C.T.
  5. Dubstep
  6. Constant Companion
  7. Deranged
  8. Demons Of Springtime
  9. Human Potential
  10. Seeds Of Satisfaction
  11. Yes I Hope He Dies
  12. Sleeping
  13. Imitation Of Silence
  14. Drinkist
  15. H.L.S.

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