•  Moment Of Truth
Berthold City

Moment Of Truth

7" (Color Vinyl)

  • $7.00

Berthold City's upcoming "Moment Of Truth" 7" was tracked by Aaron Jamili at Wormhole Studios and mastered by Don Fury, the NYHC legend who has worked with everyone from Gorilla Biscuits to Agnostic Front to Youth Of Today. The 7" will include three songs from their demo, plus three additional cuts tracked during the same session. For fans of Youth Of Today, Judge, Carry On, In My Eyes, Strife, and American Nightmare. New pressing now available on gold vinyl.
Track Listing :
  1. Moment Of Truth
  2. Left For Dead
  3. Enough!
  4. This World On Fire
  5. Like Knives
  6. Walls Of Hate

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